Photo Credit: Austin Love


The Trans-Alaska Trail project is a partnership between the office of Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (where project planning began in November 2014), Valdez-based economic diversification organization Levitation 49, and collaborators across Alaska and the United States. The team of collaborators continues to grow with each passing month.

A huge cadre of people — agency staff and leadership at Alaska DNR and BLM, GIS techs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, trail experts and consultants in Alaska and throughout the U.S., graphic designers, architects, and more — have lent time and expertise to vet and develop the Trans-Alaska Trail vision. Energized by the vision, all private sector collaborators have worked pro bono.

After 17 months of diligence and hundreds (going on thousands) of hours of work, we’ve determined the Trans-Alaska Trail is viable and merits further investment of effort and resources. In the fall of 2016, we have sought to answer the myriad questions and concerns that produced in the past year and a half . We’re excited to find those answers, continuing on the path forward to solutions, which will require inclusive and collaborative stakeholder work, especially with Alyeska.

Our Team

Project Lead

Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Project Coordinator

Noah Star

Legislative Staff & Project Support

Reid Magdanz, Berett Wilber, Eli White

Project Assistant

Elias Erickson

Graphic Design and Architectural Consultants

Katherine Jenkins and Parker Sutton

Web Designer

Eli White

In addition to the core team, we have a series of collaborators who are essential to our work getting the Trans-Alaska Trail up and running from all over Alaska and the rest of the country:

Valdez, AK

Lee Hart of Levitation 49

Susan & Austin Love

Seattle, WA

Ben Hughey

San Francisco, CA

Luke Hawbaker


The Trans-Alaska Trail team has: